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We are currently interviewing candidates for advertising representative to new and existing clients.  This is ideal for a person with strong communication skills, a desire to succeed, and a creative spirit.  Salary plus commission and health benefits.  Must live or be willing to live in the Bloomington-Bedford area.  Business-to business sales experience helpful.  You will be trained and guided to success.  Email cover letter and resume to
David Bruce.


An Equal Opportunity Employer

Equal Opportunity Program

General Policy

It is the policy of this station not to discriminate in its employment and personnel practices, to provide equal employment opportunity to all qualified applicants, without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, religion, sex or age, in all matters, including recruitment, evaluation, selection, promotion, compensation, training and termination. Discriminatory employment practices are specifically prohibited by the Federal Communications Commission. If you believe your equal employment rights have been violated, you may contact the FCC in Washington DC 20554 or other appropriate state or local agency.

Responsibility for Implementation

David Bruce and David Keister of Mid America Radio Group-Bloomington are responsible for the administration and implementation of our Equal Employment Opportunity Program. It is also the responsibility of all persons making employment decisions with respect to the recruitment, evaluation, selection, promotion, compensation, training and termination of employees to ensure that our policy and program is adhered to and that no person is discriminated against because of race, color, creed, national origin, religion, sex or age.

Policy Dissemination

To insure that all members of the staff and potential employees are aware of our EEO policy and their individual responsibilities in carrying out this policy, the following communications will be made:
When a job vacancy arises, it is the responsibility of each level of management to coordinate with the designated person at the station responsible for EEO compliance. For example, if a job vacancy arises in sales, the Sales Manager will coordinate regarding hiring procedures and enforcement of our EEO policy.

All employees will be given a copy of our EEO program.

Notices are posted, in easy view, on the bulletin board in the hallway informing applicants and employees that this station is an Equal Opportunity Employer and of their right to notify an appropriate EEO local, state or federal agency if they have been victims of discrimination.

Our employment application form contains a statement regarding our EEO program and non-discriminatory employment practices, as well as, a person's right to notify an appropriate EEO agency if they believe they have been victims of discrimination.

A statement regarding our Equal Employment Opportunity policy will be posted on each station's website.

Our annual EEO Public file report will be placed in the public inspection file and posted on station's website.

So that no segment of the community is inadvertently omitted from recruitment efforts, and in order to accomplish broad outreach, the following notice will be posted on station's website, broadcast on-air and advertised in the classified section of our local newspaper: "Stations WVNI-WMYJ are looking for organizations that regularly distribute information about employment opportunities to job applications or have job applicants to refer. If your organization would like to receive notification of job vacancies at our stations, please notify David Bruce at Mid America Radio Group-Bloomington
2723 N. Walnut St.
Bloomington, IN 47404. 812-335-9500.

Stations WVNI-WMYJ are Equal Opportunity Employers and encourage minorities and females to apply.


To ensure that information concerning each full time vacancy is widely disseminated, we propose that following recruitment sources be utilized:

Utilize our recruitment list, comprised of colleges, universities, broadcasters organizations and minority affiliated organization.

Post the job vacancy on the Indiana State Broadcasters Association job bank web site.

Promote the job vacancy on our stations.

Advertise the job vacancy in the local newspaper.

Issue a memo announcing the job vacancy to all employees at this station as well as our other affiliated stations.

Participate in or co-sponsor at least one job fair per calendar year.

At least one time per calendar year, participate in or co-sponsor job/trade fair targeting women and/or minorities.

At least one time per calendar year, participate in or co-sponsor a career day at an area elementary, junior or high school.

In all correspondence relating to the job vacancy, a deadline will be established for receipt of applications. The time frame allowed will be flexible, but never less than one week from date of posting or notification.

To make sure there are no unlawful forms of prejudice or discrimination regarding our employment practices, personnel policies and working conditions, our EEO program will be reviewed annually, utilizing input from our recruitment sources and employees.



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